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Experience Exceptional Heart Care in
Boynton Beach, FL with Dr. George Leef

With a focus on preventative cardiology, Dr. Leef is dedicated to keeping a close watch on your heart health, providing personalized attention and crafting tailored strategies to mitigate risks. Don’t wait until symptoms arise – prioritize your heart health today with Dr. Leef, your trusted partner in proactive care.

1 in 4

1 in 4 deaths in the United States is caused by heart disease, emphasizing the widespread impact of cardiovascular health issues.


Approximately 80% of heart disease and stroke cases can be prevented through lifestyle changes and early detection.


Nearly 45% of Americans have at least one risk factor for heart disease, underscoring the importance of proactive heart health management.


Each year, approximately 365,000 Americans suffer from a coronary heart attack. Early detection and intervention can make a significant difference in outcomes.

Your Heart Deserves the Utmost Precision and Care

Dr. George Leef specializes in harnessing the power of cutting-edge imaging modalities, revolutionizing the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease. With expertise in sophisticated technologies like CT Cardiac Angiography, he offers a safer, faster, and more accurate approach, surpassing past traditional methods.

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Your Heart Health Journey is Personal and Paramount

Dr. Leef believes in spending quality time with each patient, listening intently to your concerns and crafting a comprehensive care plan. Whether you have a family history of heart issues, high blood pressure, or diabetes, Dr. Leef’s expertise ensures a holistic approach to managing your heart health.


Dr. Leef understands the urgency of addressing your heart-related worries. From the moment you reach out, he and his team work tirelessly to promptly get you in for an appointment.

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More About Dr. Leef

“My practice is guided by a value-based philosophy that forms the very heartbeat of my approach. It’s not just about treating my patients;

it’s about fostering deep, meaningful relationships and becoming an unwavering partner on your heart health journey. I am deeply committed to empowering each individual to take charge of their heart health, ensuring that their heart beats with unwavering vitality and enduring strength.”

Licensure & Certification
Honors & Awards

2018     First Prize for Young Investigator Award (Clinical) at Asia-Pacific Heart Rhythm Society (Taipei)

2016     Resident Member on Antibiotic Stewardship Committee, Palo Alto VA

2016     American College of Physicians Young Achiever Award

Awarded to resident/fellow members of ACP for academic excellence and leadership

2015     American College of Physicians Northern California Regional Meeting 2015 Medical Jeopardy Champion Team Member

2013     Alpha Omega Alpha

Awarded to seven members of the third year class of the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine for commitment to scholarship and the ideals of medicine.

2010     Phi Beta Kappa

Elected to the Phi Beta Kappa honor society in junior year of college

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